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Islam and the false flag slanders of 9/11

August 17th, 2014 · No Comments

I have made my point on Islam, but this was conditioned by the attempt to ‘take the dare’ of the rogue sufis who harass me and wished me dead with a dare for challenging Islamic orthodoxy, No such danger, and we have established a ground to consider issues of an Islamic Reformation. But just at that point it is useful to pause to reflect and study the question. This isn’t really my task, save only that an outsider can give outside impressions. The treatment of Moslems by the US government is a series of colossal crimes, starting with 9/11: we need to consider that 9/11 was a falseflag operation, entanbled with Israel/Mossad, and with still hard decipher connections with Saudi Arabia, making it technically valid to blame Arabs, as the false flag op did. But the evidence shows clearly that a false flag operation had to be American inspired, if not by Bush and co.

We need then to consider how Islamic countries can establish a self-defense against the US.


I took a daring step on the issue of Islam, but already I think it was almost too timid. The issue needs to be taken up by Moslems themselves, as they begin to assess the potential for an Islamic Protestant Reformation matched with a geopolitical strategy of unification in the context of socialism/communism. I think that the strange reality is that marxists botched the definition of secular, so we need to reconceive modernism, in the process creating a route into the future for Islam. Strangely, I share with Ataturk an aversion to sufism, which could have been a guide to the future but seems like a bastion of reactionaries. A modernizing Islam will have to reckon with the sufis, and the demand to be done with their devious withcraft can be met with a boycott followed by getting their ‘sufi goods’ from another source.
Check out the world of Osho: the exercises in consciousness in his manifold works are entirely interdenominational and constitute the kind of esoteric sufism now in the public domain. Boycott the stuffed shirt sufis and globalize with an dose of Osho/sufism.

Reconceiving the caliphate as a communist oikoumene…

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