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Red Fortyeight Group: phasing out the darwinian marxist left

August 17th, 2014 · No Comments

http://darwiniana.com/?s=last+and+first+men: the issue of evolution/revolution won’t go away, and we should consider the Darwin gang, of whatever type, from science to academic to business, as armed and dangerous, and not properly ‘debriefed’ on the danger of genocide in the name of Darwin. Massive denial confronts those who point this out, but the reality that a completely dangerous form of social darwinism remorphed into applied natural selection applied upside by totally darwinized idiots to the wrong group, jews.
The truth comes: darwinism is dangerous because it is too comprehensible to too stupid people who can’t see it is false, and who will try to kill people smarter than themselves in the name of evolution.
We need a discipline of theoretical disarmament on the issue of evolutionary dynamics, and a comprehensive study of human diversity, all welcome to the Red Fortyeight Group, with no concealed darwinian prejudice the ‘wrong’ people are to be subject to….
The danger done by darwinism is unprecedented in the way prior religious assumptions about the spiritual equality of all men have been replaced with concealed social motivations to subgroup elimination in the name of science, and bad science at that. Mixed with economic reasoning in the playout of economic social darwinism, this delusive stance is another prime case for a leftist program alert to ideology. But in a disastrous muddle of scientism the marxist left got entangled in darwinism, and a prime task of the Red Fortyeight group is to phase out these victims of biological ideology. Marx, after all, saw the problem early one, but the stampeded into darwinism poisoned the well of class dynamics with ideas of evolutionary eliminationism. We need a ‘clean’ new left here, and a prime task of the Red Fortyeight Group will be to move beyond darwin’s paradigm for the better class of Whigs into a true evolutionary movement attempting the complexities of oommunism.

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