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Beware of bogus discussions of scientism

August 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Spelling out Scientism, A to Z
on April 12, 2014

I am often puzzled at the sheer frozen mentation of academics. On the issue of evolution all discussions are upside down. With ‘scientism’ the question gets ridiculous. That’s because almost all science beyond physics/biochemistry gets everything wrong as it ascends the scale. The issue of evolution simply falls out of the science category. With man the mismatch is almost complete. The situation is misleading because science is essentially scientism on issues of man, history, evolution, aesthetics, just about EVERYTHING. Science is unable to handle the fact/value distinction and yet insists on pontifications on the whole of reality. How did we get in this mess? Figures like Kant patiently and at length explored the problem but almost all scientists are carefully past such thinkers. Academic philosophers can’t handle the question either.
So be wary of discussions of scientism. To be fair religionists confuse the issue: they debunk scientism, then take the whole of theology as validated. I am puzzled that the entire establishment of thought is stuck on this question. An outsider like me with a cheap internet connection defaults to the correct dissent there.

Beyond belief.

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