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Cultivating intelligence in the end game of capitalism

August 19th, 2014 · No Comments

We have been critical of jews here in the past few weeks and before. I am sorry for that but we are reaching an impasse where, among other things, the jewish question is going to subject America to a test of its future, and probable failure. It doesn’t need to be that way.
Gentiles need to get a grip on themselves and develop their once quite adequate ability to compete and act with intelligence. We live in a strange time: the entirety of modern secularism was created by Gentiles, but now the whole game is increasingly under assault in the US by a kind of jewish domination effect: strong dominance in multiple fields, the hijacking of American democracy, the insanity of Israel, and a strong hidden component of jewish Nietzschean fascist eugenics as a futurist fantasy. That fantasy has been exposed by jews themselves as the net achievement of inventing the superman comic, but the toxic strain is suspiciously present in the Zionists and neo-cons and has just about sunk jewish futurist fantasies.
This springs in part from a slight IQ differential which is great for academics, science, and business, but otherwise barren of the deeper achievements of mostly Gentiles who, however, are now being dumbed down as somehow inferior.
I think Gentiles need ways to reenergize their intelligence, and a close look at the stetl phenomenon might suggest something! The large number of intelligent people crippled by contact with power, money, and celebrity suggests that most of the most intelligent never survive their bourgeois track through the ‘wasteland’. We need ways to keep people in humble contexts, ways to trigger the easy jumps in intelligence created by very special inputs/situations/experiences, modest matchmaking savvy from some smart females of type, and a general counterattack against the really poisonous now cascading degeneration of intelligent economic reasoning by that (jewish) devil Ayn Rand. After Rand I cringe at the mere thought of any more jewish geniuses trying to save Western civilization as the new superman over Gentiles.
We need a new communion of possibly semi-religious secularism comprising assimilating jews and exit-Xtians, as soon as possible embracing moslem modernists. The world of buddhists etc..can easily slip in and out of this congregation. It would help if definitional judaism, jewish defined by birth, could be dismissed, outlawed, or laughed out of the party, but in the end a single congregation of individuals will soon be inevitable.
There are only two possibilities: the continued assault on society by capitalists and their stooges in government will recreate the world of lords and ladies and destroy democracy in the process, or a ‘new communist route’ to real democracy cautioned by economic rights, freedom rights, and genuinely open economies that allow the development of all.

The new society has some critical issues to resolve. What is a steady state economy, a planetary solution to climate, etc…
The question of jews is already rapidly dissolving into thin air: after Israel the ‘jewish jig’ is up, and a new culture of Genjus is increasingly inevitable. Gentiles need to study themselves to release their real potential and recover their outstanding intelligence and talents.

As a parting shot I would ask, if wealth creates dysfunctional people who lose their humanity to Faustian damnation, why bother with capitalism? Who cares? A developed modernity, a sophisticated set of economic realities, a low-key and robust ‘middle class’ or ‘no class’ existence covered by modest but adequate economic rights, etc….we need a rational solution to the madness of the Industrial Revolution and the overly hyped capitalist era whose epitaph must be ‘with help like that’…
As for jews, the realization that Ayn Rand was their only real social prophet will induce such embarrassment they will quietly assimilate away from the the lopsided cultural path now in effect.

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