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The definition of modernity

August 19th, 2014 · No Comments

I have to pause on my series on Islam and communism, in part because the complexity of the question defeats me, and the loose thinking of a western mind steeped in social chaos/secularism is not going to tune into the Islamic mindset, which is misunderstood and routinely trashed by so-called humanists.
The issue here, in part, is the definition of secularism: if modernist thinkers could properly assess modernity they would be better able to communicate with religionists.

The way secularism is taken is as an atheist cult, based on science only, disregarding all other aspects of the modern transition. That is a calamity for the world and its is proof that scientists are trained to be stupid. The larger view of modernity is seen in the balance of opposites, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, the multiple onsets of revolution, the birth of the idea of free and liberalism/communism, the Enlightenment, Romantic Movement, the emergence of modern ‘classical music’, and then at the end the things that veil the complexity: the Industrial Revolution and capitalist formation. These latter two cause a sudden downshift in the tone of modernity as the Smithian corruption of morals for economy overtake everything, as capitalism induces a new form of economy-moron, and science downshifts, pace darwinism, into a new fundamentalist religion, with darwinism/social-darwinism coming to the fore. In the process the whole complexity of modernity has been lost. As it gets worse and worse the terrible point arrives when critics of modernity actually have a point: the outcome is dreadful they have to reinvent civilization, mostly in vain, as the system declines into a proto-medievalism.

I don’t that will happen this time, and we can begin to use the revolutionary tradition to design vehicles that can help in recovery. We have brandished the abstraction ‘new communism’ for this, and this includes
a critique of marxism, with a staging of its classic saga since 1848, or the late Enlightenment/French Revolution
a set of economic models that can rescue us from the confusion of mathematical economics, marginalism, and show us how to design post-capitalist systems, semi-capitalist transition systems, and/or temporary ‘market socialism’ models that this time are contained and not the dreary muddle of that genre. I think that we are coming to the point where uncontrolled capitalism is about on the level of civilization before computers, and we will find ways to create degrees of control/release at will
a new and intelligent science beyond scientism that can create a medium for the discussion of religion, art, consciousness, will, and psychological self-development.
a way to stage the future histories of the legacy religions in the categories of ‘paths of the will, paths of being’, viz. buddhist type, monotheistic type, secular type, religions/mindsets.
a way to stage dialectical communities of discussion, i.e. free speech in the context of controlled/semicontrolled economies….
The list is long, but sadly the monolithic character of leftist deadbeats is going to recite the catechism of historical materialism until the next millennium.
We need a way to bypass the frozen failures of Bolshevism, as if that ism never really touched communism, whose new incarnation will arrive because it is popular, efficient, and a way to escape the coming disaster.

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