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Heebie jeebies about ‘communism’

August 20th, 2014 · No Comments


Good response to this post from yesterday: if you suggest pure communism most are still queasy at the mere idea. But if you suggest a transitional passage in that direction the response thaws a bit.
I was quite aware of this reaction before, and during, the composition of Last and First Men. My first objective was to consider, however, unvarnished communism 2.0 (‘new’ communism) as an axiom formation process. Once done, we can indeed turn around and consider diluted versions. But these tend to peddle in delusive fears, end in compromises that reactionary are more than able to subvert. But this works both ways: if our commitment to basic communism is sure, and confident, we can create all sorts of subeconomies as experiments, without the fear of subversion of intent.
There is an easy way to proceed here, IF your communist assumption is secure, by morphing upwards with controlled experiments:

at the bottom, Is communism 2.0 going to outlaw flea markets? Maybe, but it seems that there are obvious needs for a bottom rung libertarian semi-anarchic semi-market economics. But once you start in this vein you will compromise your way to oblivion.
I think the future psychology will be different: the memory of the capitalist endgame will be so bitter that people will see there is no going back.
And it is possible to reinvent categories to serve a common interest via individual action: a neo-communist entrepreneur could work to establish a ‘commons’ economic function, for no profit. The profit motive in no absolute. It works with the least intelligent, that’s about it. A focal concentration of an objective of communist context with a transferred capitalist format, as with our new entrepreneur, could be a form of meditation in action. So I am not at all convinced that capitalist axioms are really of final merit.
And there are millions to billions like myself with ZERO self-interest in capitalism. IN this strange system the ‘winners’ are the real losers, and the ‘losers’ come out on top. And in my case I can see no benefits whatever from this disgusting and criminally exploitative type of capitalism that put a person with plenty of talents into complete asociality just because of mechanization of markets.

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