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Last and First Men

August 20th, 2014 · No Comments


The framework of Last and First Men is tailormade for groups who can’t stomach marxism but have an interest in socialism/communism. Remember, Marx/Engels took the idea from elsewhere and it has no intrinsic connection to Marx. Moving beyond Marx will reenergize the real core of his ideas as they pursue you. Fine and dandy: we can absorb the essence of marxism and ‘sublate’ around it. That’s like putting something in a larger context, let us say modernity itself.
The communist idea emerges from the early modern so the framework of communism can be the modern transition in general, with the focus on capitalism/industrialization inside that larger context. This would help tremendously to spare the waste of energy created by dogmatic historical materialism. The latter has turned off nearly the whole population of potential comrades for what, a message of pottage. The gist of this theory is obvious: the dead hand of capitalism and ideology are haunting the worldviews of the top tier, and generating class and class struggles. That simple. It doesn’t need a ponderous theory.
In the end the marxists are going to end up stopping communism in its tracks because of its dogmas.

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