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False profits

August 21st, 2014 · 1 Comment


Since Harris’ new book is not out, I will have to wait to see what he is up to, but based on the preliminary promo (hype) I can see he is on the wrong track once again. There is a great demand for pseudo-spirituality in the New Age movement. Now supply and demand has passed over into the new atheist, and secular humanist sphere.

Harris is a puzzle. How could such stupidity be taken as a sign of a prophet. The better analog is to Freud who downshifted a lot of better work, like Schopenhauer, on the ‘unconscious’ and made a fake substitute for religion out of psychoanalysis.
With Harris a form of buddhism denatured and render safe for social domination is being peddled in a ludicrous form: the dreaded ‘path to enlightenment’ has to be weeded out, so that mindfulness can be poised to take over meditation with self-help routines. Mindfulness is the baloney destined to sink buddhism forever and replace it with well-behaved neuroscience and its experts.
We will see when the book comes out

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  • 1 Nk // Aug 21, 2014 at 7:17 pm


    Oh wow…only $219. Poor Sam is using all of those profits from people he bamboozled into buying his sh@tty books to offer such a low price. But…this makes total sense…why would I want to go to a free retreat at a Budfhist monastery when I can go see the great guru Sam Harris for a measly $219?

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