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Past economic theory seductions to a new axiom

August 21st, 2014 · No Comments


The question of communism has lost its clarity, but in the beginning the idea was to suggest the right size monkeywrench to get the job done.
If we suspect problems inherent in capitalist dynamics we are going to be prey to ‘experts’ who will counsel us to all sorts of outlandish halfway stations, as indeed the record shows in the many trials of Social Democratic economy. Anti-market dogmatism, to be sure, can be equally muddled, but the solution is to make communism the axiomatic foundation for a just sharing of the Commons, and from there construct a system that works. The examples of Russian collectivism, I suspect, are misleading and were far short of what is possible. If we are seduced out of such a future the result will be economic hurrah followed by calamity, the loss of individuality, total surveillance and the sociology of scientism applied to a population with a loss of consciousness.
The suspicion looms that we have more to lose from capitalism than communism, if we can perform resuscitation on the passed out relic the Lenin era shows. We should not despair and be ready when the phases of collapse allow a window of opportunity. And this is the correct Leninist legacy, passing on much of the rest which is out of date/
An axiom here is a decision to act, according to axiom, in a realization of timeless values, and not a pumping of a sociologist strain that we predict on no evidence will evolve in time into something beyond capitalism. It could be true but the likelihood is that of delusive hope. We must decide to create a just economy.

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