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The dangers of rampant darwinism

August 21st, 2014 · No Comments


In dealing with much modern thought, from late nineteenth century (German ++) social darwinism to the American brand, to the early/late Zionists we are always under paranoid suspicion that a theory like Darwin’s, so easily refuted, but promoted by smart people who should know better, is really a kind of unconscious cover for ambitions to cockeyed evolutionary genocide. It happened with Germans, who are highly intelligent, and we must suspect it is present in Israelis (and not a few Jewish secularists) who see themselves in need of justifying aggression. The subtitle of Darwin’s book alwasy passed the subliminal message, but the reality is really an American mindset emerging in the genocide of the Indians of the American continent.

We need to demand a more sophisticated approach to human evolution, defaulting to agnosticism if necessary, with a realization that is such a stumbling to jews intellectuals, the gentile cadre not far behind.
Once it is seen that natural selection can’t lead to speciation the violent mystique of darwinism starts to fall away, and we realize the emergence of homo sapiens is a great unknown.

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