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Endtimes of capitalism: the democracy/communism dialectic

August 22nd, 2014 · No Comments


The old left was famously unable to properly explicate their own subject, in part because the growing hatred of liberalism in the nineteenth century led to an incautious brand of totalitarian communism. We know all that, and have Fukuyama enshrined as the man who put it all into Hegelian dayglow. The purpose of Last and First Men is to see how that formula has proven false: we haven’t reached the end of history, only the degeneration of democracy as predicted by the critics of capitalist ideology. The problem arose with pitting communism against democracy in the name of opposing the capitalist bourgeoisie. But the Bolshevik revolution simply switch to a communist bourgeoisie controlling the means of production.
The obvious resolution here is to consider how the twin ideas of democracy and socialism can be united into a real synthesis.
Obviously we can’t expect a second trial of marxist communism. That has not really sunk in on the left or center. But marxism is a high potential subject, it can be renamed, reinvented, recast, and left behind as we integrate democracy and communism, the latter being the inevitable challenge to the endtimes of capitalism. There aren’t any conventional solutions to such a huge problem. But by the same token our image of communism is paranoid based on its cockeyed history.

How about a communism without a secret police? One that can embrace the challenge to mass surveillance now occurring in the said/democratic systems? Communism must deal with rights legacies, the nature of democracy balanced with an upgrade to the idiot concept of the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, i.e. a transitional logic that can survive revolutionary vacuum transitions.

But people are too often too convinced by the propaganda spree of the capitalist euphoria system. I think it is beginning to dawn on more and more that the current system is beyond repair.

It still hasn’t sunk in yet that the ‘bourgeosie’ is rapidly taking final control the planet, and will soon have a control too total to challenge. The niceties of democracy must yield to the realities of democracy via a communist vehicle that can realize freedom. Marxists obscured that issue. We can learn from its analyses, but we need to move on.

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