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Harris’ ugly (and transparent) strategy

August 22nd, 2014 · No Comments


Nk // Aug 21, 2014 at 7:17 pm


Oh wow…only $219. Poor Sam is using all of those profits from people he bamboozled into buying his sh@tty books to offer such a low price. But…this makes total sense…why would I want to go to a free retreat at a Budfhist monastery when I can go see the great guru Sam Harris for a measly $219?

Harris is an oddball: he preaches atheism, but is a chauvinist on Islam, and defends Israeli aggression. That leaves me suspicious. And this brand of aggressive ‘jewish’ phony secularism is ambitious to take over all religious legacies and subject them to control of (usually profit making) substitutes.

It would be one thing to rip off buddhism, Gautama might not mind at all, but to cripple the subject for neuroscience morons and the flock of scientism is a bit much. But Harris is counting on the hidden support of a lot of people ambitious to control the new age movement, control public ideology, and control belief.

This strategy just might have a limited success (short of massive covert promotion by unknown sources), but in the end the issues of religion must be settled in a different way. It didn’t have to be like this. But the scientism of Dawkins, the god muddle of Harris, the left wing betrayal of Hitchens, and the idiot upgrade of darwinism by Dennett have fooled millions.

We need to preserve the legacy of ‘waking up’ (but rogue sufis have their own questionable lore), but more than that the legacy of buddhism holding the issues of the real mccoy.

In any case, Harris is not awakened and is peddling an easy substitute that will keep the gurus off his back.

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