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Sinking intellectual credit reference

August 22nd, 2014 · No Comments


Jews are in trouble. A paranoid reaction to the events of Gaza, and the whole shebang, make it hard for many to even read an article by a jewish leftist. I had this reaction to an article by/on Naomi Klein. I am still unable to bring myself to read an article on her new book. Imagine that. I caught myself in this reaction, which I have often displayed here for Chomsky. I think most are not yet at that point, but it is important for jewish leftists to see the handwriting on the wall. Jews, no matter how radical, are not going to lead gentiles to a new future. This is also idle thinking, as if gentiles were more able. But the principle is important: after the legacy of Israel, and now Gaza, the jewish intellectual credit reference plummets. And I think history shows that no foundational gesture by a jewish intellectual will prove enduring. That’s the emerging rule of the game. In fact, jewish thought on the sidelines is over and over again an invaluable resource. But I fear the dynamics are shifting, even as assimilation and de-christianization accelerate. This problem can be bypassed with a deft and sincere low key stance toward the crisis issues. But in the end we have the unfortunate reality that jewish leadership is not longer trustworthy, in, to be sure, the minds of paranoiacs.
This is not necessarily unfair: how many mouse clicks does it take to find Chomsky’s and Klein’s ambiguities on Israel? Etc…
Not witchhunts please, but the illusion of brilliant leadership, and the Trotsky line are about played out.
I think a new form of exit strategy on the left for jews and xtians, and one hopes, moslems, can render this irrelevant. But it isn’t irrelevant yet. And I still haven’t read the article on her new book. More than I can deal with, I guess, as we turn into a culture of neo-antisemitic cripples, gaping at the Israel swindle and wondering how we let it happen.
This is irrational, I admit, and a book on climate issues is precisely the kind of contribution jews need to be making. But the overall strategy must be by and for gentiles (and jews count per head as gentiles, jewishness abolished) with plenty of jewish Trostskies in the mix.
Relax, this was a deliberate effort to scare jews.

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