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Exodus from marxist confusions, Dawkins off guard lets slip a take on Down syndrome

August 27th, 2014 · No Comments


Last and First Men provides a new way out of marxist confusions: dialectical materialism is not viable anymore. Marx’s theories of history and economics are not enough, where they are not simply out of date. The dialectic makes a muddle of everything it touches. Dialectical materialism is a nutjob with a baseless non-foundation. The whole game is a liability.

LFM tries to use a larger perspective on history, without theories, to create a perspective that embraces cultural totality as a whole. It points to a historical dynamic too complex for a theory and suggests simple periodization as a saga of epochs, or chapters in a history, are enough. It brings free agency out of deterministic limbo. It seizes high ground against philosophy by taking the high tide of the early modern as the peak in modern philosophy, e.g. Kant to Hegel. It resolves beyond the ideology of the ‘end of history’ from Hegel(?) by taking a step backward to Kant’s core philosophy of history. And finally it does the one thing leftists can’t seem to bring themselves to do: a break with Darwin’s theory of evolution and its social darwinist core.
I think we need to prepare new groups and movements that carry the legacy of marxism, but move beyond it to a simple activism based on something clear and specific.

The global system needs to reach a plateau of stability, and it can’t do that in the course now in motion: the rapid consolidation of power in the hands of neoliberal elites who think evolution will require extermination of their enemies in the name of Darwin. It happened before and will happen again if we let them. Current science is not in a position to guide human evolution, so we need to create a stable system for man as he is, and in a less stressed system not mired in Darwinian fallacies, a more cogent research project into human evolution can begin.

Look at Richard Dawkins last week on children with Down Syndrome; the genocidal impulse pops out, almost, and gives the game away, at least in the unconscious of darwinists.

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