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Harris’ hypocrisy on the issue of ‘jewish religion’

August 29th, 2014 · No Comments



One of the confusions of the new atheist position as with Sam Harris is the question of ‘jewish’ identity. Harris denounces religion but compromises on the issue of Judaism and Israel. One of the dangers of demanding the end of religion is that you unwittingly demand the end of Judaism, and jews?!! You would think that this issue would be solved by a jewish person becoming ‘secular’ and adopting a disbelief in the Judaic religion. But the reality is more complex: if you persist with jewish identity religion as you abandon jewish belief religion a kind of snafu arises: you have renounced religion at all, but adopted a pernicious new form of that religion: this is completely apparent in the hopeless confusion in Israel over this issue, which beggars Harris’ presumed ‘freedom from religion’. I think that the only resolution here is for jews who wish to carry out a program to move beyond religion renounce their jewish identity and assume the stance of generalized citizenship in a community of equals. The jewish birth coordinates are a very definite denial of religious equality, and this, as Israel shows, persists beyond the lapse of ‘judaic beliefs’. It is especially puzzling in Harris’ case given his outright chauvinism on the question of Gaza and Palestine.

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