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The Darwin bluff

August 29th, 2014 · No Comments


The function of IDiots
There aren’t very many big questions left to answer. Most ot the great debates have been settled and we’re now in a mopping up situation.

One of the few remaining questions concerns the function of IDiots. The Intelligent Design Creationist Movement has been a spectacular failure. The Wedge Document is a joke. They’ve failed to get creationism into American schools. People are abandoning Christianity. Their books have all been trashed by critics.

One wonders why they’re still around.

This is a bit much! Only a cadre of entrenched true believers and/or ideologists could still be getting away with this kind of statement. We have critiqued ID here many times, without undermining the basic point, beyond the ID question, that darwinism is a flawed theory. The thesis of natural selection, almost unbelievably, is till promoted as if no critics had ever existed. The public deserves better than this.
This must be a simple bluff.

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