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LFM changing expectations of a post-marxism

August 31st, 2014 · No Comments

Toward a new left: the attempt to create a new post-marxism is a hard sell, at first sight, but I think that Last and First Men has changed the debate because a huge number of underground readers of the online text have new expectations with respect to the idea of communism.
The left could greatly increase the appeal of its labors if they recognized the general center of gravity of opinion that no longer recognizes hard-marxism as anything but a road to stalinism.
The best thing would be to start over, but the more realistic approach in LFM is to create a larger framework that can both accept and debate canonical marxism. The latter is filled with liabilities that are unnecessary: take Marx’s views on morality, and the general tenor of scientism that seems so narrow to us now. The issues of communism need to remain intact, and we are talking about evolving to a system beyond capitalism. Given these fundamentals, it is often hard to justify all the extra baggage Marx/Engels brought to the subject. It seems a long shot now, but as the US system deteriorates the mood of radical change will confront an unprecedented crisis. At that point it is necessary to be ready with something that won’t simply repeat the old Bolshevism. The public will balk, and the new opportunity will lost: the ‘new communism’ must have populist appeal and be careful not to make the mistakes of Marx/Engels

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