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Elizabeth Warren bites the dust

September 1st, 2014 · No Comments

http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/elizabeth_warren_breaks_silence_on_israel_gaza_sounds_like_20140829: Elizabeth Warren Breaks Silence on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu

One of the reasons I wrote Last and First Men, a generalized discussion of ‘New Communism’, was the realization, building since the disillusion following 2008, that conventional politics was dead, and that there is no further hope of working through the system. That’s a strong stance to take, and I would allow any number of challenges to it, that of Ms. Warren being a good example. But her prospects have vanished in record time and my position, which even I am sometimes reluctant to take, seems confirmed once again. With Warren I expected nothing, despite the hoopla. So I was fully disillusioned well before.

It is clear that we can’t have a left that compromises on Israel, nothing new there, but that in fact puts the hopes of working through the system off the table. Simple, and devastating. More generally we can’t hope for much from piecemeal activism, even on climate change, although there we will have no option but to support the single-issue activists. But if, no when, this mono-focus starts to fail we will be ready to confront a means to challenge the whole system as such. A monumentally difficult task, but one that has been done once: we can do it again. I am wary of the stale legacy of marxists here, and we should create a new framework that builds on, revises/critiques, the old, and lets a little air in the window. The issues have been posed starkly by the neoliberal globalization of the last generation. In the natural dialectic the response should be the onset of a global neo-communism, one that is free at the start from the stalinist mindset that overtook the Bolshevik derailment.

Still, I fear the point still hasn’t sunk in and we are stuck in activist jargon that is going nowhere. But I think we can begin to enter a more radical critique as one compromise after another fails. And a lot of scary realities confront us:

the usual ‘the economy is picking up’ strain is phony…the discussions of unemployment sound surreal: what of the millions thrown out of the system…the idea of a growth economy is dying/dead…the platitudes of leftish liberal economists is starting to sound toxic…the need for politicians who must compromise on Israel is past…

For politicians like Warren who have wasted a year plus of our time with rhetoric, soon pretty strong glaring, to start…from there it gets worse.

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