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Red Fortyeight Group: googling (rightist) scare stories on ‘communism’

September 1st, 2014 · No Comments

Google news: communism: We can easily adopt a propaganda-free promo of ‘new communism’ in full awareness of the actual historical legacy of Bolshevism. In fact, the constant and large number of rightist pieces is significant, and increasingly irrelevant. The toll of bolshevik communism is in danger of being matched times ten by the globalization/neoliberal totalization, soon to become totalitarian, in reality there already. So the moral calculus, such as it was, is going to go into reverse gear. No, it is already there. How about starting with the suspicion that induced genocide in the Congo, for the sake of the democratically compassionate Iphone crowd, chits from the 150 million, several million dead, before we even get started. So the charge of genocide against Iphone diddlers tables at step one. Any more arithmetic here? Plenty…since ca. 1500 onward…
In fact, even a superficial study of the Russian revolution shows how, even with similar assumptions, a future revolution could bypass the egregious violence that served no purpose whatever. I venture to guess a real revolution could dispense with a secret police, if not an intelligence agency.
And ironic thing is happening: the ‘democratic’ consensus is yielding to totalitarianism lite, soon not so lite. What is the position of a ‘new communism’ on the increasing surveillance sociology?
We have a dangerous fake coming into view: Washington dot.gov to promote global empire via capitalism flipped to promote global ’empire’ via communism. The Christians flipped the Roman Empire, so we can’t rule out such improbable outcomes. Would that be a betrayal once again of the ‘revolution’? An idle question if the current dynamics is in place: the definition of ‘communism’ is clear and it allows no compromise with capitalism, right? But wait, have we even defined ‘new communism’? We can survey the news these days to find the method depicted in crude jihadist form, its failure, and the need for a genuine global movement. What an irony! We should be ready with a populist neo-communism, with a well-defined economic calculus, a clear statement of ‘rights’ given the abrogation of capitalist (predatory) economic rights, a preemptive strike against rule by a ‘communist cadre’, or ‘new class’, a whole set of sociological innovations…
But first we need a new radicalism, based on a ‘new communism’. Actually, if you take the theory of Marx/Engels, and set it aside, and focus on their practical activity you are almost there. We could create (using Last and First Men?) a whole series of theoretical backgrounds, and a wholly new praxis beyond the confusing and unnecessary escalation of violence in the Russian instance (much of the violence provoked by the Whites, let us note, and the birth of fascist antisemitism).


White House West Wing - 1st Floor with Cabinet Room highlighted
We previously looked for the water cooler. A room for a chapel for the Munzerian Xtian commies to hold prayer services is next. In a few years, a supercomputer that can model the price structure for a full list of commodities can fit into one room with one laptop, no?

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