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Brazenness of Israeli contempt for gentiles, and…Obama: now we know, a complete coward

September 2nd, 2014 · No Comments

Googling ‘Israeli land grab’

This one bursts out of the ‘chutzpah’ category into something considerably more ominous. It takes contempt cubed to stage a landgrab immediately after Gaza, but clearly this feat of domination is so total that they can get away with almost anything.
It is a sad commentary on two thousand years of Gentile antisemitism to see such confirmed in their warnings about Jewish exclusivism. This situation is pathetic, and a sign of the end of the American republic….

From yesterday:

To the scumbag degenerates running the Israeli thug-state I would say that reality can be misleading: what you get away with will come to haunt you, in the deadness of the jewish idea.

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