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Zizek still mired in darwinian paradigms

September 4th, 2014 · No Comments

Zizek on Last Man: Zizek’s article is a perfect example of the confusion over evolution the left needs to correct if it wants to renew itself and become a practical effort, something it is not, at the moment. Zizek seems to be deliberately using the old category, but I fear it is reaching oblivion.

Can noone on the left grasp that the (religious) right has quietly seized high ground on darwinism (even as the capitalist right pays no attention and exploits social darwinism to the hilt) making any continued left-darwinism a fatal flaw out in the open.

I think that Last and First Men has offered a clear strategy for the left to debrief itself on darwinism and move toward a far more sophisticated brand of evolutionism. But the rigidity of thought is severe, and the Darwin establishment very unforgiving and dogmatic. But I think that there is no other possibility. The public is vaguely aware that the left has, and will, use darwinism as an ideology after its own fashion.
The real task is far more complex: creating a stable post-darwinist post-capitalist society, a new communism, that can offer a waiting period for man to come to understand the nature of his real evolution. That can be very difficult, but it is also, in another way, very easy: we don’t have to try and manufacture a new species. We can’t do that and eugenics doesn’t work and the darwinism that makes it seem like it does is obsolete. The real character of man is hard to even define, and the character of, say, buddhist man is beyond current science, i.e. man’s consciousness as a species character is still terra incognita.
We need to be wary of attempts to remake man on the part of darwinian lunatics. This is not a baseless fear! We have seen this before! And it would help if all the stupid people who think they are so smart they are an evolutionary vanguard (I fear I must cite too many jews here, among others) could realize their essential dumbkopfhood
Many on the left wouldn’t dream of distracting an activist program on single issues with this kind of question. Thuswise we are digging our grave.
It is frustrating to write a whole book trying to clarify this issue and find someone like Zizek deliberately indulging the old cliches. It will end in a fight on the left, so make sure which side you are on: check out the critiques of darwinism that are outstanding to realize you are on shaky ground. The real problems is cowardice: anyone who dissents becomes a target of ostracism. But that day is passing. Be forewarned.

People who talk about the left then need to upgrade their views on evolution to see the problems with darwinism.

But, by and large, people on the left don’t get it. Historical materialists were always the most deadbeat reductionists of scientism, and the chances of insight on evolution are slim. But suddenly the need to get on the move with become clear.

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