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Gandhian illusions

September 8th, 2014 · No Comments


The study of the history of modernity in Last and First Men shows directly the main list of revolutions starting in the sixteenth century onward. Not a single one used gandhian strategy. These early moderns had never heard of Gandhi.
The one successful action here was the Civil Rights Movement, but this was a subset movement trying to correct one sector of issues of social change. It did not address the basic issues of political revolution, challenges to capitalism. Its effect was the indirect coaching of a change in legal givens.
A non-Gandhian strategy would not have been appropriate here.

But in general non-violent methods to propose political changes of government or actions against capitalism are not going to yield to gandhian efforts. And it is important to challenge the moral stuffed shirt syndrome that, in our time at least, seems to give Gandhians the moral high ground.
As far as we know Jesus Christ was ambivalent on this issue: he seems to propose both non-violence and/or violence. Citing him in the context of Gandhi is misleading, a sentiment from Tolstoy.

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