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Dawn of global revolution

September 9th, 2014 · No Comments

I think that the perspective of Last and First Men is gaining ground: more and more activists are coming to see the limits of conventional movements, if any of them can be called that. We should wait to see what happens with the Sept 21 demonstration, but already even before the event we see people saying it won’t do anything. I think that a robust ‘new communism’, an idea at first crippled by it legacy associations, can come to the fore at the point where desperation takes over: an entire generation of activism has proven to be a big zero. I think that a ‘neo-communism’ that could leave behind the sterile dogmas, historical materialism of the old, and appeal to an intuitive economic logic as a movement that is transnational, can become the vehicle for containing the globalization fiasco underway. The situation is becoming precarious and we can see that the efforts to contain protest have grown ominously to the point where public control and mind control have nearly crippled protest.
But at some point it must sink in that a turning point has been reached and that the future of passivity is license for greater and greater advances by the totalitarian system emerging.

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