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The crude scientism of the new Harris superstition

September 10th, 2014 · No Comments

A good comment from NK.


Here’s Harris with his promo spiel for his new book. This situation is unfair, and Harris gets promoted by powerful forces who want to create a new version of ‘mechanical man’ that coopts all his spiritual potential with a brand of scientism. Dozens of people could answer these issues with more intelligence than this junk scientism from Harris.

Harris’ scientism is absolutely the wrong way to approach the questions man must confront but which have no simple knowledge foundation. Someone like Harris should know better and be able to speak of someone like Kant who addressed all the traps Harris falls into.
Harris’ perspective is confused about the distinctions of ‘religion’, ‘spirituality’, and all the confusions of scientism about the metaphysical world in which man lives.
The issue is not to enclose man in his ignorance but to aspire to extend the evolutionary limits of man to consolidate the intuitions of soul, the afterlife, and complex states of consciousness. The relationship of enlightenment to the round of rebirth is one good example of the problems that lurk in the metaphysical quagmire but can’t be deleted from consideration.

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