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Klein set to make a bundle with her new book

September 16th, 2014 · No Comments


I am not going to add to the hype over this book, which is overpriced, $30, $22 at Amazon for prime buyers. That’s an outrageous price and we must suspect Klein, or her publishers are out to exploit her celebrity: this book is going to make a bundle at this price (itranks 340 or so already at Amazon).

I live on foodstamps and can’t afford this book, which will produce cheap second hand copies next year at Amazon resale. At that point I may buy the book. But this is the wrong way to go in a crisis.
I spent two years writing a book on this subject, plus a communist framework, and published the book for $79 at Lightning print (the software is not so cheap, but I got that free from a relative). $79! The result was the minimal cost, $7.95, with an absolute minimum unavoidable royalty per book, about 30 cents, and free PDF versions online. I refuse out of hand to buy an overpriced book by Klein, who should know better. At a time of crisis she should POD her book at the ten dollar level (depending on page numbers) and release a free PDF series. Nothing less is honest at this point.
To be fair, authors are caught up in publisher regimes and the chance of making a bundle off Klein crisis is too big a temptation for the publishing world vultures.

Klein’s book has an important feature, it seems, and I can distance from my negative mood to let the book do whatever good it can do (The Shock Doctrine was a seminal achievement). That feature is the sideline that the problem is at the level of capitalism itself. This indirect statement is so muffled by context as to be a waste of breath…or maybe not: maybe the idea will sink in, as per my Last and First Men, that this system as current is beyond repair.

In any case, I find little sense of solidarity or comradeship in this probably idiotic Sept 21 march. Hope I am wrong. And I am unwelcome, after writing a book on the subject, at any of these ‘leftist’ groupings. I failed to compromise on central issues, like communism, (climate change), evolutionary social darwinism, 9/11, and much else. All the celebrities get center stage because they package a few slogans/insights around self-censorship of key issues.
Compromise seems necessary at each stage, until the last when you strike out because you made all those compromises.
But I think Klein stands out slightly on just these grounds: but it won’t go far enough, we can bet.

All these compromises have failed so far, so why bother with them? We can stand back and see if the book can do any good.
I wrote a book here with no compromises and am a pariah at this phony ‘march’:

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