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The shared confusions of marxism, new atheism, and secular humanism: toward a broader neo-communism

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The Last and First Men site has four versions/selection sets of the book: short to long, low to high resolution. I think that the ‘macro’ effect can be useful to many secularists or secular humanists struggling with category boundaries: the framework of the macro effect is indifferently the ground for ‘spiritual’/’material’ interpretations and histories. We can see that the early modern stretches its bow between science and (post-)religion, and we can see that the idea of causality and the idea of freedom enter a characteristic counterpoint dialectic in the rise of modernity, the reason the book tends to move beyond the contracted ‘historical materialism’ of the early positivism of the nineteenth century.
I think that the left needs a much broader garland of philosophies to be able to communicate to multiple audiences, religious, secular, etc…
In the wake of Klein’s useful book on the climate debate we can easily adapt Last and First Men’s broad framework of incipient ‘neo-communism’ to found the idea of a new form of radical activism descendant from marxism, but not limited by its obsessions.

Marxism, like the meme-peddler Sam Harris’ concoctions, is stuck in a set of constructs doomed to turn off nearly everyone who might show an interest in radical action. It is much better to adopt a larger framework of the whole of modernity as the backdrop to the passage toward postcapitalism.

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