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Critical philosemitism?

September 29th, 2014 · No Comments

As a previous post today suggests we often seem to be skirting the dangers of antisemitism here: in reality that is not true at all. We have developed a complex form of ‘critical philosemitism’ here, designed for a culture suffering the trials of the judaic enigma in either a benign or a malevolent form, depending on your perspective. That’s next to the Christian and Islamic enigmas, now joined by the Buddhist. In the background lies the historical fact of the Holocaust when history went off the meter into total insanity, in an effect that has never been properly explained, and whose elucidation is still a project of the future. I think that something shadowy has overtaken global ‘jewish culture’ (one could make the same claim for the once pinnacle of idealism, the USA) and we are coming to a cusp/turning point, although I don’t know what that would involve. But at least we can see that something really evil has entered the American scene with its hidden domination by Israel, and its destruction of American democracy. It is really not clear how Jews and Christians are going to find their way at this point. We need now a revolutionary strategy where before we had a successful cultural strategy. But we should sound an inner and outer alert when the ‘evil’ reenters the scene, as it did with Germanic gentile and judaic interaction. I was struck again today by the insidious flood of antisemitic youtube videos on the net, not all of them however without a point. Here’s one on Jewish names.

This is a puzzling list, with or without an antisemitic bent. I think this issue is typical of the false thinking gentiles pour into the jewish question, at the same time in contexts that do leave a puzzle in their wake.
Gentiles seem like they are being blown away by some Jewish superiority effect and they can’t put their finger on the reason. This example, actually trivial, is a case in point.
Let’s take the bull by the horns: is there a Jewish conspiracy (also put that phrase in the search box for a long post earlier this year, or late last year)? Yes, three or four, and Xtianity has about ten, and Islam, I don’t know, ten or so. And don’t forget the Buddhist and Hindu conspiracies.
This arises from the ‘dynamic’ of these religions emerging from the Axial Age: they were/are inundated with a transient ‘spiritual’ energy that produced all sorts of occult puzzles and many other puzzles of all types. This is reason people go off the deep end with conspiracy theories.

What about Hollywood? Who cares? Slap in the face for asking, idiot. Look at this list of celebrities: not a single original genius of any interest with any real contribution to human culture. Jews are a sad people with talents going to waste. Hollywood is their sad lot.
How did this silly situation of Hollywood come about? it is probably the phenomenon of vaudeville suddenly getting dumped on by the cultural fertilizer that fueled the whole take-off of American Idiot culture in excelsis. It is simply an aspect of the euphoria of the great American take off, now sadly starting to sour.
Consider the reality of Hollywood: what is suggests is that Jews are victims of their own enigma, and in the context of a larger culture where they can dominate, but almost never create, save at the level of kitsch. Is this a fair judgment? We have to wonder at the reality of a people emerging into domination blowing it at the crucial point: after sixty years of Israel the jewish idea is finished, so the effect of domination has but to be defeated in a final skirmish.
It is gentiles who must make the creative contributions needed for the future, if they can shake off the spell of Jewish superiority for the illusion that it is.
One should put the whole set of confusions in perspective: the model of history in WHEE: history-and-evolution.com can help to see what is going on: an Axial Age startup in the Israel sector of ancient Canaan seeded a world religion, Christianity, (while the parallel Persian phenomenon seedes its parallel Islam), and then contracted and deterritorialized on schedule to become a museum tugboat sailing in parallel to its ‘outcome’. And this vestigial format became evidently the source of a new experiment, or so it seems: it seems absolutely apt that, in the stupendous crudity of the ‘macro effect’, a small sideshow culture could be the theatre of a genetic experiment, in the ‘hurrah’ of some form of ‘evolution’ as depicted by the fuzzy macro model. Right on schedule this subset is dumped into the general stream of Gentile culture and left there to gestate as a genetic upgrade of some point. Actually, in terms of the macro effect, the result is spectacular, and leaves us to wonder at the confusions of darwinism. But, whatever the case, this point suggests not getting so paranoid about the jewish phenomenon: compassion is a better stance altogether. This dissolving tribe of ‘smarter than thou’ Axial Age remnants are trying to turn judaism into a theatre of evolutionary superman in some kind of Nietzschean crescendo. But it never works because that was never part of the overall game plan, which was to create a center of gravity in larger humanity via a religion of equality. So all this paranoia is misplaced, although the outcome of the American and Israeli situations could be calamitous, if we let that happen. I think the obsession with Gentile names for Jewish simply reflects this unconscious realization that a contribution to general culture needs to become part of that culture. No further problem there. Gentiles need to take stock of their decline from their phase of creativity in the early modern: the record is stunning, and then it all passed away. In the long range then there isn’t a problem and there is no hope of any kind of ‘conspiracy’ of domination to succeed in the long run. The Jewish experiment was unique, but did something dangerous that recreated an exclusivism that has come to be a curse. I think that general secular culture will finally dissolve this stubborn core of archaic cultural thinking as the tide of a secular age takes effect. At this point, the tactics of many jews are self-defeating: look at Israel: the endgame of checkmate can’t be far away…
Meanwhile the element of genetics and intelligence is misjudged: the real core of genetic high intelligence was never quite matched as against the Indo-European source. It is hard to avoid that conclusion. I suspect the effect is little more than an blend of Germanic/North European genetics put into a new context of some still unknown subtlety. So the idea of some kind of superman genetics is absurd, and misses the point. Despite their deeper higher intelligence the Gentile realm is often stuck with midrange failure syndrome, and there the new contribution in a new judaic recombination suggests a future resolution.

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