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Red Fortyeight Group: reconstructive ‘postcapitalism’

September 29th, 2014 · No Comments


The question of communism is so marginalized now that it is counterintuitive to try and discuss it in current culture: but I think that is changing, because the battle to establish capitalist ideology is starting to fail after its long reign of total success. That’s the most damaging way to fail: after a long period of near religious conviction. As we confront the current climate crisis, for example, we are stopped in our tracks, if we persist in capitalist jargon: it doesn’t ring true. Markets are not only not the solution, they are, eh, the problem…
So the issue is not the postcapitalist transition but the palpable danger of contractions into ideology over again: the standard cliche version of marxist shiboleths turned into religious doctrine.
So the situation is not secure: we need to take the communist idea at its origin, when, before Marx and Engels (although their take was almost immediate with respect to the French source), it emerged as a cap on French Revolutionary ideology and its insights into class and revolution. This demands a reconstructive approach to the subject (and this can easily include a reconstructive marxism) that can look at the realities of capitalism in an up to date analysis of the real problems. It is dogma that non-capitalist economies don’t work, but this is an illusion, and one that needs to be put to the test.

So the value of Last and First Men is not just some reconversion to branded, now archaic, communism/marxism, but a restart from the point at the end of the French Revolutionary tide (1848) when the heroic Marx/Engels saga got its start.

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