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Darwinism in defeat

September 30th, 2014 · No Comments

The field of evolutionary biology is a puzzle of frozen thought, and the suspicion grows of rote indoctrination as an elite strategy.
I think that the ID factions have stolen a march on conventional science here, for reasons quite beyond the issue of design, and you can tell the difference from the net spectrum of articles: it is easy to find good material on evolution everyday from the ID blogs, even after disregarding the ID promotion posts, while the conventional Darwin camp via its few blogs cannot seem to discuss much of anything: they have been put on the defensive by the challengers to Darwinism, and the best policy is to not discuss anything much, save for diatribes against religion and creationism.
I think that Darwinists know they have lost the debate, even if the ID/creationist groups have certainly not won, and the result is a kind of frozen discourse, treading water, unable to break out of the paradigm or overcome the inertia of their vast audience of confused and misled converts.
The issues are not complex: you don’t have to buy into ID, it is simply enough to see through natural selection theory and its more naive proponents, like Dawkins et al.
With evolutionary psychology we confront something even worse: a sort of pop ideology that is a discredit to science altogether.

The entire academic community is powerless here, the job of challenging darwinism left to outsiders, and, if you scotch ID, to a very small group of critics, such as we have here.

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