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Marxist darwinism a dead duck

September 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Our discussion of the ‘stuck paradigm’ syndrome with respect to darwinism has an urgent message for the left: the attempt to expose darwinism as the root of social darwinism and the incestuous relationship to capitalist ideology is an uphill battle with the left as it is now. In fact, the left spectrum stuck in historical materialism is even more dogmatic on darwinism than any of the other seuclar-spectrum groups.
I think that there is no second coming of darwinism-dominated marxism/leftism, but the various orgs and groups are so frozen in place they can’t/won’t budge from their now archaic views.

I think that a revised view of evolution, and one applied to history, can create the basis for a new postmarxism. That requires the near impossible: for the whole corps of darwin idiots on the left to at least try to apply a ‘dialectic’ to the question of darwinism.

It may be that the only avenue of the future is to start over with a new set of groups to jumpstart a novel post-marxist critique of economy and a platform of neo-communism, with a few eclectic remnants of the brilliant core marx legacy, but in the main recasting the subject in a new and more viable form.

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