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Repost and commentary on yesterday’s post

October 5th, 2014 · No Comments

I republished from yesterday a cantankerous post on marxism and its upgrade. I think that the post is self-limiting because the ‘hostility’ goes down a lightning rod of slight sarcasm, and the non-starter, the general liquidation sequence. I warned in Last and First Men, the Preface, that sufis might try to divide the left against itself. Was this post an example? No, but it is another warning.

But the post raises the serious issue of trying to recast marxism for a new generation. The LSE may give PHD’s in historical materialism, but that non-science won’t have a second chance for a future communist movement. I can’t be sure of that, but I recommend that marxists try to recast their subject with an invariant commitment to postcapitalism: a new communism. The importance of this is to challenge what we seer already ad infinitum, all sorts of activism that in the end could at best realize a new form of ‘Social Democracy’, and they would be lucky to even reach that level, one sure to abort. So the issues are both to learn from marxism, restate it in a new set of statements, making the legacy just that, a history, and moving to disown the legacies of bolshevism, and, in fact, even marxism.
You can disown marxism and turn around and restate most of it and the result, which seems pointless, can in fact produce a new revelation of the issues.

I think that the isolation and cultic closure of marxism is extreme: I am a known leftist, have been since the publication of WHEE which had a clear plug for Marx/Engels, and yet after all this time, almost fifteen years, for crying out loud, I still can’t subscribe to marx mail, or have any discussions with marxists of any kind. Nothing. I mean zero. I mean, drop dead, we will help you do that etc…
I can’t be that bad. The reality is that anyone who enters this cult must be a total believer and not rock the boat.
I am puzzled by this. It is uncalled for and shows that the marx cult can’t really establish general human relations: the basic scheme is a carefully groomed cadre of total conformists under threat of liquidation, and an authoritarian dogmatization of ‘theory’. That won’t work any more, and I think that if someone has to try for ten years to befriend one marxist and still fails, there is something very wrong there.

To be sure, I am have views that not just marxists but ‘secularists’ in general use as a litmus test for Total Boycott and Excommunication: a critique of Darwinism, which is anathema to most people in all this spectrum. I have not clear stance on theism/atheism, and may be suspected of crypto-theism due to critical darwinism….And other issues like this.

Ok, but that is just another sign that the left is stuck in the past. Do marxists have to be the last people on earth to see the problems with evolution theory, forty years after the right Christian lobby beat them to it?
I have an approach here adapted to marxist blindspots, but nope, this heretic must be excommunicated at all costs…Etc, etc…

I think that the gallows humor about liquidation is a parody of marxist views themselves: the unconscious solution to all discussions in the lingering stalinist legacy is to kill dissenters of any kind, and even worse than that, as history shows. This legacy is said to be rejected, but unless you change you starting point such claims are not believed.

I have a bad feeling the situation calls for a new group, which can restate the issues of capitalism, economics, and a new communism, that can bypass the old, and then watch as they move to join the new, in many, hopefully, a majority of cases. But a direct communication with the older cadres would be far superior. But is it hopeless?

I think that I am weird, but not that weird, to have to try that hard to communicate with a closed cult suggests the current culture of marxism is a dead duck.


To the total boycott from Counterpunch stalinists, the ‘marx mail’ cult and the other brain dead ‘left’ orgs….we are ready for the ‘general liquidation sequence’

Criticizing Fukuyama is one thing, but the total boycott reigns on the left as well. Since putting out Last and First Men, not a single leftist will even exchange an email with the author. I find that puzzling, despite the constant danger of plants, divisive outsiders, and the rest of it. It ought to be obvious I am not in that category. Worse, the threats…
My complaints are a little off: this site gets one million visits a year, with five million page views. I think my work has already registered in most parts of the world, whatever the result.
Next to the question of false heresy, the fear would be ‘idealist’ deviationism, quaint designation, but I think the work speaks for itself there. I am not a theist or atheist, idealist or materialist (although I study both), and I think any charger of reactionary would fail despite contact with reactionary (and hidden leftist) ‘sufis’, etc.. I risked my life to warn the left of sufi sharks who will try to fry them with occult methods. This misperception should be dispelled once we realize that it is the stalinists, and thence marxists, who are reactionaries. The question of historical materialism is not one of religious ideology. Once that is clear the grounds for rigid censorship fail, and bespeak those stuck in the past.
To be sure, I don’t need a lot of friends on the left. Chumminess would make it hard to tell it straight.
This hostility is absolutely stupid, and shows the old left is too entrenched to even think, or to meet new people.
But at this point I think the crypto-Stalinist left is in the way, and their rigid adherence to stale marxism is almost impossible to counter. This spectrum of diehards can’t even manage simple communism so we are justified in taking them off the pedestal called ‘we represent communism’.

I hope it won’t happen, but given the response such as this the message is clear to me: we will kill you for dissent on marxist dogmas. I fear it is true, thus, and worse and one should be mindful that the archaic marxist left is going to let left liberals (by their definition) with sweet words to promote postcapitalism so that the ‘stalinists’ can then stage a coup to initiate a general liquidation sequence…. That was the Leninist outcome…so this is not exaggeration.

My response to that is that I am highly idealistic as a neo-communist, but acknowledge the grim reality of a transition to postcapitalism and am fully prepared (I hope you are shocked) to put the current marxist deadbeat circuit into the, yes, general liquidation sequence. Meaning that it is going to be a fight, against reactionaries and against stalinist psycopaths.

Anyway, I got the message: the asshole marxist cadre wishes to ignore me, failing that, kill me. Not very good example of solidarity, comrades.
Anyway, I will relabel this as ‘excessively melodramatic’. But confronting with leftist infantilism, I think a counterpunch will be necessary.
I will nonetheless continue reading the useful ‘petty bourgeois’ faux marxist rags at Counterpunch. Good stuff up to the liquidation point.
As far as the general liquidation sequence is concerned we will be faster on the draw…

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