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Resolving Kant’s Challenge

October 6th, 2014 · No Comments


Time for another look at WHEE online, starting at the link above. This work is somewhat opaque to many, but it is consistently popular: it has gotten, with dwindled sales, far more readers than most bestsellers (short of the super sellers) in the steady traffic: almost 200 readers every day with two to ten page views. That adds up. If a half or two thirds of those readers are returns, the audience is still considerable.
That is just a reminder there is no hope for the permanence of Darwinism. The book is significant because it doesn’t promote Intelligent Design in the wake of Darwinism.

I think the text needs a new edition, but the fourth reached a kind of stable plateau with a slightly simplified model.

The basic thrust is take up Kant’s Challenge to find a pattern of history and thence to examine world history with a systems model, or models: the solution to Kant’s Challenge is easily found: a garden variety cyclical model exposes the pattern sought, and this pattern shows a clear connection to a developmental thence ‘evolutionary’ model.
Many are simply stuck with this usage of the term ‘evolution’. But the usage is correct by definition if you define it in terms of the evidence indicated. The real issue is if the ‘evolution’ depicted is related to early forms of evolution. It almost certainly is, but that is not taken as proven.

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