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Chomsky no longer credible due to 9/11 confusions

October 7th, 2014 · No Comments


This article opens with a reference to 9/11 which completely spoiled the otherwise good discussion. Chomsky, like Klein is confused about 9/11, and this has vitiated his whole career, and left him tragically suspect as a fraud. How can someone with such a clear grasp of so many issues be so confused about 9/11 where intelligent readers can easily base a horrifying case of state terrorism on the open evidence? It was essential that smart people not fumble the ball at the crucial moment. But 9/11, prophesied by a similar muddle over the JFK assassination, proved his undoing.
He needs to resign and let the left come to its senses, and in the process extract themselves from confusing cases that discredit the whole case.

It is hard to grasp but there are a series of possible issues: a professor at MIT is unable to safely discuss the 9/11 question due to professional associations, the danger of being fired….
There is a joker in the deck, a genuine conspiracy theory of the nutjob type: Chomsky is a paid agent of the CIA and only pretends to be a radical… Eh,…I doubt it. But his behavior is a gift to the CIA. You couldn’t ask for a better way to confuse the public.
In any case, Chomsky’s analyses are often useful, but he has unforgivably confused a whole generation on 9/11, and is incapable of extracting himself from his own quagmire, meaning, I suspect he has realized he has been wrong for years.

We need new leadership on the left at this point, and this new book is really an exercise in nostalgia.

We need leaders who can be properly debriefed on 9/11 with the courage to stand up in public here, and beyond that an openness to classic tactics beyond the current, and suspicious, bent toward anarchist do-nothingism.

Here I should note that the day’s news answers my own question: people like Chomsky are smarter than the poor fellow today arrested for wishing to join Isis. The establishment is getting more open about what it has been since 9/11 and before: liable with legal quiddities to arrest people on charges of terrorism. All these scaredcat leftists have been silenced by the threat of the propagandists of terrorism.

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