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Klein peddles idiot conspiracy theories but still in left field with Chomsky on 9/11

October 7th, 2014 · No Comments


I am constantly puzzled by leftists on conspiracy theories: I am surprised that Klein would find a conspiracy there in the case of Isis, while still to this day not grasping the original conspiracy is fully and alarming valid, which most of the others are distractions.

The possibility of a conspiracy with Isis I wouldn’t rule by any means, but it is clear the evidence is not there, save in the general analysis of the blowback from Iraq, etc…
Let me note, as I throw up my hands, at the way Islamic activists blow their own game: the challengers, Islamic, to Western hegemony nearly had their case sealed in granite with strong sympathies from people in the West. And then Isis came along and practically handed the question to Islamophobes on a platter.
But that situation, which seems to favor Western agents trying to break the trend of sympathy, cannot be demonstrably shown to be deliberate conspiracy, and I am surprised at the oddity of Klein’s choice of conspiracies.

How is it that Klein endorsed these idiot examples but still to this day can’t discuss the one case where the evidence for a real conspiracy of the US government is out in the open and almost impossible to refute: the original 9/11 conspiracy????

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