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The terrorist character of the US dot.gov and the right to challenge these criminal terrorists with a revolutionary project, as yet in potential

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We are entering desperate times and the authorities are getting ready with an increasing paralysis by Leviathan to not only defend against enemies, but to defend against even the expression of intent unrealized, taken as chargeable terrorism. That is a frightening mission creep into totalitarianism.

We need to make clear one thing: it is NOT illegal or terroristic to propose a revolutionary action plan, especially for governments based on the legacy of revolution. We must defend the right to free speech on the issue of ‘What is to be done’ in the Lenin sense.
The current left is under the threat of being silenced in the name of Islamic terrorism, and must vigorous preempt that from happening. The situation is confusing: we are confronted by a system of State Terrorism using false flag operations pegged as external terrorism to fuel this steady trend toward Leviathan.
Let me repeat: it is entirely appropriate to discuss strategies of revolution in relation to government, and the American government in particular. The statements of intent can easily be put in a virtual form as protection against the paranoid fascists now at work, as per this poor fellow who has done nothing yet still charged for intent.

Let us put the point in stark terms: the US government, complicit in a false flag black op strategy (possibly in association with Saudi Arabia, Israel and England, the case of the Arabian secret services has allowed blanket cover about ‘Moslem terrorists’) generating the 9/11 episodes. This analysis is subject to the cautionary pause in general charges on the grounds that the term ‘US government’ is not an open flowchart of responsibility. The real power in or behind the ‘US government’ is unknown, and could be a cabal of military, parallel placed politicians under cover, covert agency, or other groups directly but covertly related to the ‘real’ source of political power. This is one of the issues that has made the charge of conspiracy so equivocal. But at this point we can see the US government is guilty of the terrorism it falsely lays on its victims. It seems confusing, but on reflection entirely right, to suspect a covert ‘relative’ of open power to execute such an operation, the reason, probably not chance, that the public executive seems mentally retarded. He seems to have been slow to grasp the situation himself.

That means that the US government is a criminal association, and should be challenged or replaced by a revolutionary initiative (without terrorist methods, we should suppose)…

CHICAGO—A southwest suburban Bolingbrook man was arrested Saturday night for allegedly attempting to travel overseas to join a foreign terrorist organization operating inside Iraq and Syria, federal law enforcement officials announced today. The defendant, Mohammed Hamzah Khan, 19, a U.S. citizen, was charged with attempting to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Khan was taken into custody without incident at O’Hare International Airport by members of the Chicago FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force before he attempted to fly to Vienna, Austria, on his way to Istanbul, Turkey.

Khan was charged in a criminal complaint filed today in U.S. District Court with one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. He appeared this morning in U.S. District Court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Cox, and remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing at 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

According to the complaint affidavit, a roundtrip ticket was purchased for Khan on Sept. 26 to travel from Chicago to Istanbul, departing on Saturday, and returning later this week.

Law enforcement agents observed Khan passing through the security screening checkpoint Saturday afternoon at O’Hare’s international terminal. Federal agents then executed a search warrant at Khan’s residence and recovered multiple handwritten documents that appeared to be drafted by Khan and/or others, which expressed support for ISIL, the affidavit alleges. Some of those documents, including travel plans and materials referencing ISIL and jihad, are described in the complaint affidavit.

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