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Your honor, gallows humor is not terrorism

October 8th, 2014 · No Comments


White House West Wing - 1st Floor with Cabinet Room highlighted


This post from yesterday highlighted the plight of the ISIS volunteer who was arrested for statements of intent, as to terrorism.

That is food for thought, and I was immediately mindful of statements of intent here, in the several posts, designed to sound crackpot, about ‘intent’ with respect to the West Wing. Will a phalanx of FBI agents storm through my door on charges of terrorism?

I must insist these posts, while expressing possible revolutionary intent, are not attempts to induce terror, but jitters at sufficient levels as to induce realism in the dot.gov in the West Wing. Legally, this was gallows humor, no more.
As a matter of fact I had contemplated a further post using gallows humor on the term gallows humor in a comedic piece about the dot.govs facing the gallows outside on the lawn next to the West Wing. I am glad I dropped the idea: there gallows humor might well induce terror. So I skipped it.

Moral: the need to discuss revolutionary intent within the boundaries of law needs fineprint distinguishing attempts to scare politicians from actual terror.

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