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Updated: Obiwan Kenobi versus Darth Vader: further sermons for the catacombing left

October 10th, 2014 · No Comments

Update: I wrote this too hurriedly yesterday after a lot of writing; with a slight smile. it is too vague,and doesn’t make sense. Don’t get the idea of playing Obi Wan Kenobi any time soon. Sounds like the suicide bomber. But Star Wars had a funny aptness in its fragments of epic transposed to sci fi schlock.
The point is that the idea of the ‘hyparchic future’, which I cautioned was not yet good science, is a useful tool to explore the mysterious way Christians staged a soft revolution against the Roman Empire. The spiritual mentality behind that has been forgotten to us, and its connection with guides in the spiritual future was suggested by J.G. Bennett. The left is in a similar position but can’t repeat that experience, and don’t have the classic ‘Redemption meme’ that created the hyparchic strategy unbeknownst to most Xtians. They don’t need it: they are doing something else.
The modern left derailed via Bolshevism, but its roots in a modern version of the hyparchic effect in the period the early communists at the time of Marx/Engels is the invisible mystery of the gestating ‘future’ of the French Revolution completed. But we can’t compute this: we can only act via our grounded ideologies. The hyparchic effect suggests we have mysterious guidance here, but we can’t identify that. In a way modern secular humanism is better because it keeps people from spiritual speculations, but fails in its complete rejection of a hidden reality.
Secular critics haven’t understood the whole sequence of Xtian action stretching over the first four centuries AD. The source phase with ‘Jesus’ is a tour de force that we still to this day can’t understand. The New Testament isn’t even coherent, but that didn’t matter.
The modern version will be far different, with less ‘hyparchic interaction’ and more autonomy and larger risks. We can’t resolve that here in a short take. The whole metaphor is skewed: the fight across empire was a variant of democratic ideology, the Darth Vader image a disguised slap at communism, no doubt. The challenge for the future is to find the path through the dialectic of democracy as capitalist versus communist. There the Star Wars myth is disguised capitalistic propaganda, no doubt. Who cares, that film was ….long long ago. The hyparchic past! As the movie made clear, it is not about the future…


The study of the question of the ‘revolutionary Christianity’ of the Roman Empire is useful for the current left, and here the OWS figure Micah White has stumbled on it. Check out the idea of the hyparchic future in the Preface to that work: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75650151/LFM_review_copy_selections.pdf

The study of the emergence of Christianity is very hard to understand given both the distortions of religionists and modernist critics, to say nothing of the Hollywood capture of perceptions here. But the left is as capable as not of a recursion here in a secular/religious context to challenge the inertia of a capitalist world drifting into insanity. The idea of hypraxis is not essential here, and a bit obscure, but the basic idea is both ancient and modern: the sci fi tale of Obi Wan Kenobi who suffers defeat to become victorious is one variant of a theme that pervaded the Christian legacy. The left confronts a juggernaut that seems hard to defeat, but… The secular version would wish to be wary of superstitions of New Age physics and/or the the virtual future of a religion: we are talking about the creation of a world that can stabilize around postcapitalism, and the ‘hyparchic’ revolutionary catacombing of a rebellious proletariat is about the same saga in the process of realizing. Micah White mostly aptly stumbles on the old archetypes, that of Paul’s epiphany being one of the classics of the “Obi Wan Kenobi” myths.

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