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Religion, reformations and modernity

October 13th, 2014 · No Comments


This analysis is strange for many readers, but it is a reminder that despite our likes and dislikes in modern TV ‘my flavor please’ culture with its judgments of almost everything using the wrong criteria the question of medieval Islam and jihad gets judged by wrong standards. But whatever the case, the views of someone like Azlan, which Harris so dislikes, are pointing to the way Islam is now experiencing the same succession as Christianity in the Reformation. We can see this is happening when people like Azlan appear wiht upgraded versions backdated for all to change their story. Secular humanists want everyone to drop religion in the name of the ‘secular’, but the history of the real secularism shows that religious Reformations of over three centuries to play themselves out preceded anything even remotely resembling secular humanism. Expecting moslems to turn into ex-Moslem ‘new atheists’ is almost ridiculous. One thing is clear, the Islamic Reformation behind all the preachy sermons of Westerners is having its Reformation delayed by none other than the ‘modernists’: look at how many times nefarious politics and covert agents have resurrected religion as a foil. Look at Afghanistan: before the current mess it had a secular government and emerging secular culture. Its communist bent resulted in its destruction. The amount of egregious confusion here is beyond forgiveness. That this was destroyed by American agencies is something so disgraceful that I fear the good name of American civilization is going to be besmirched forever from the sheer cruelty and shame of it. So much for Israeli fan/sadists like Harris.

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