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October 15th, 2014 · No Comments

There is a lot of resistance to the communist idea, and a lot of confusion for those who actually consider the idea. We can summarize the issues and strategies in terms of a hypothetical new communist formation: The RedFortyeight Group: a study group, with topics on evolution, history, economics, political economy, democratic/communist charters, a seed party, revolutionary complot, and seed strategy for global transformation, etc…

the critique of historical materialism and dialectics can allow a new strategy: chronicles of world history that look at the saga of civilizations and economies empirically. Economies are taken as empirical constructs with histories and the action set in motion by economic agents who are assumed to have free agency. We forgo the whole set of schemes of differential equations purporting to show systems in action. We can asses these up to a point, but the legacy here shows the way economists are confused by the mathematics they understand used to model systems they don’t understand.

The issue of communism is rejected in advance now, so we can simply plead to consider the need to study a theoretical construct standing in contrast to conventional assumptions, with a warning that the latter, while far more intuitive and attractive even to activists, have exhausted their efforts and caused the loss of a whole generation in delusive efforts. The larger model of postcapitalism needs at least to be considered as a failsafe, since we can see that we are running out of time with conventional piecemeal activism.
Activists have been burdened with assumptions that cripple them, from anarchism to Gandhism, and the result is movements that go nowhere. Look at the OWS: a whole movement petered out because of the outlandish format of the General Assembly. The latter despite the compelling interest of a novel experiment ended up being a movement stopper.

The needs here are for a new communism, without marxist excess baggage, theories known to be false, dialectics, pre-neoclassical economics and its Marx lore, indifference to materialist/idealist oppositions in the embrace of a larger framework. People have changed, and can’t stomach the old marxism, historical materialism, etc…
Who needs it? Set aside Capital and consider the Communist Manifesto: that’s enough.

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