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Dialectic versus tertium organon

October 17th, 2014 · No Comments



A clearer statement of this take on ‘dialectical materialism’ is, as said before, that the dialectic has long been known to be a flawed instrument. Over at The Gurdjieff Con, I cited Ouspensky’s Tertium Organon, a classic, for some, that stole a march on dialectic by trying to properly found it in triadic logic, leaving ‘dialectic’ to its proper place as a context of debate, or pairs of opposites. Whether or not Ouspensky succeeded he created a vehicle for the reactionary right (five years before the Russian revolution) to flag an opposition to dialectical materialism indirectly with a new mysticism of metalogic and the nondual. This work was part of the great reaction of the twentieth century left spawned by reactionaries and in the end the mystique of the dialectic suffers eclipse, and in realm of New Age beliefs dialectic has lost its place. There is no reason why the left has to succumb to this mystification, but a more general history from which dialectic springs (Hegel’s original version was actually on loan from the esoteric/groups of his generation, in the lore of the mystic triangle) might help, and also suggest the primordial source in the Samkhya, anciently a radical subject. Here is foolishness the lose the game: this is crocket from Alice in Wonderland. The trick is to get the storks used as crocket clubs to follow the party line and keep their necks straight.
Ouspensky’s work has no reactionary overtones as such (his other works do!) and also starts with Kant. The left could simply confiscate this work from the right. Perhaps a waste of time, save to note the larger world of challengers to Aristotle, for better or worse, and their place as suggested in the achievement of a higher logic in a new species of man, a tall order, but inspiring enough for a platform on the left. The tertium organon in context can counsel the limits on the mystique of dialectic which is really a yearning for a future man who can bring higher consciousness to automated logic. The Samkhya was plundered as a radical subject to a reactionary world. The left now has lost its once great heritage of real dialectical materialism as the now archaic and lost knowledge (e.g. the triadic gunas, barely comprehensible now) called Samkhya (itself now a muddled legacy) mirrored by a weak and anemic substitute: the dual dialectic.

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