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David Duke??? The world is sliding into antisemitic shock

October 18th, 2014 · No Comments

After Gaza, the world is coming to the end of the line on the Jewish question. All the efforts of philosemites is suffering termination: all the efforts of sympathy are given now made to look misguided in the destruction of American democracy, and the calamity of Israel.

Amazon shows the the rising tide of ‘antisemitic’ literature and there one suddenly comes upon David Duke’s Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish Question. The problem with this book is that it isn’t the KKK drivel one had expected. It has been first book to outsell the Protocols and is a bestseller across Eastern Europe. But the real problem is the way he has cleaned up his act and put out a bombshell expose of the…reread the title.
The book is reviewed here, and is a shocker of sorts:
http://davidduke.com/exposing-the-real-racists-a-review-of-dr-dukes-jewish-supremacism/: Exposing the Real Racists: A Review of Dr Duke’s “Jewish Supremacism”

Jews need to do some hard thinking here: we can’t any longer fight racism is we tolerate jewish racism. The legal bigotry in Israel is not open to any further ‘tacit silence’ or intimidation.
The question of supermacism is still equivocal as a defining concept, but the reality on the ground, as Duke makes obvious, is grossly ugly and a mystery of jewish bigotry turned into a strange new ‘normal’.

I think jews with anything left in the way of intelligence need to consider if there is a way out here. There is none here. The status quo is either a fascist tyranny of the American/Israeli systems, or …what? I think, ironically, the issue is going to suffer implosion, for a reason I will discuss in the next post.

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