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David Duke and far right paranoia

October 19th, 2014 · No Comments

One more take on David Duke: it is intensely depressing to see how much the question of communism is tied up with the jewish question. Marx made a point of assimilation, but now his legacy is a kind of jewish cult (in the states). Duke shows just how much antisemitism has crippled communism, with some help from jews. Here I can’t go any further. Are jewish communists supramacists?
But consider this from Duke, with the typical rightist paranoia he uncovers some hard facts? Really? who can fact check this statement?
The statement

For instance, he quotes a report from the National Archives of the United States showing that of the 384 members of the first Bolshevik government, there were more than 300 Jews and only 13 ethnic Russians.

That’s shocking. When I read that I thought, no wonder the marxist left is crippled. The far right is paranoid and conspiracist, but if any of their facts are correct, a new way to deal with them must be found.

It is obvious in retrospect that a communist revolution dominated by jews was doomed to fail and to spread antisemitic paranoia about communism into the future, our future.
The solution is simple and pioneered by Marx: assimilate. But that is not so transparent anymore. Secular jews with jewish backgrounds are unwittingly agents of supremacism lite, and jewish leftists are making the left an aspect of overall domination.
Here the answer is simple: communism is global movement: export everything out of America where the problem is all too real.
I invite anyone who thinks this unfair to take a close look at the American left.
Actually, I think jewish leftists in great good will have done everything they could to deal with such an issue, but have still failed. Back to Marx, with a twist: assimilate, but don’t make Marx’s blunder: not changing his name.
Here it’s also good to throw up one’s hands: if it is this bad we are all dead. But in any case the communist left cannot ever again stage a revolution that is so totally dominated by jewish leadership. What was Lenin thinking? (Lenin, by the way, is denounced as jewish by the right, but it is not true: he was an assimilated russian with a complex, partly jewish ancestry. Assuming the category exists.)

My view is slightly different: jews need an exit strategy and they rapidly went the leftist route in the nineteenth century. They need an exit strategy now, and the left is a good one. The left could do something clever and be the group to solve this problem, if it is on the level and creates assimilation.
I would strongly recommend a self-dejudaizing strategy as a personal tactic to declare your grounds in a world of paranoia about jews. Yes, paranoia, after sixty years of Israel and the jewish lobby even the sound of a jewish name tweaks paranoia in many, not only in the David Duke world.
Reread that: thousands admire and enjoy the site of Naomi Klein in the news. but don’t forget that tens of thousands plus plus cringe at the sound of an activist with a jewish name. Harsh reality. And it is getting worse.
Why? Don’t be stupid. Jewish supremacism destroyed democracy in the US, right? Even liberals are going into shock.
I have often suggested the creation of a new culture of Genjus: assimilated jews/christians/secularists (plus anyone else) creating new families that can boast their judaic legacy, and their departure from it, next to, or mixed with a secular Christian exit strategy not trying to foment the classic and accursed attempts to convert jews, and finally a new and better defined secularism that can reenergize a leftist revolutionary project. The Genju strategy is better: why should jews have to hide. A Genju name and family could have hybrid names that echo a loved tradition, but look to the future in a community of a culture of the future.
At this point the far right is going to shoot communists on sight, and jewish communists might get two bullets. A new left has to create, or start to create a new man, a new culture, a new secularism, and a level playing field.

Using powerful documentary evidence, he shows that the Bolshevik Revolution was actually financed and led by Jews who had their own agenda against the Czar.

He quotes from familiar and impeccable sources such as Winston Churchill, the dispatches of the American ambassador to Russia, the chief of British Intelligence and copious Jewish sources.

For instance, he quotes a report from the National Archives of the United States showing that of the 384 members of the first Bolshevik government, there were more than 300 Jews and only 13 ethnic Russians.

How could such an enormous fact of history be hidden? Duke asks.

His rhetorical question is answered throughout the rest of this book by giving the clear evidence of the tremendous power exercised by Jewish supremacists in government, media and the academic establishment.

Not only has the pre-eminent Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution and its Gulags been quietly suppressed, but also even the very existence of Jewish supremacism has been kept from public awareness.

One can freely discuss the evils of white supremacism, but if one dares to expose Jewish supremacism, one will assuredly be labelled an ‘anti-Semite’, the ultimate term of opprobrium in modern society. In very effective arguments, Duke points out that one is not called ‘anti-Christian’ for exposing the excesses of the Inquisition or ‘anti-Muslim’ for opposing the intolerance of some extremist Muslim sects.

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