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Mr. Silverman, show me the hard proof (genomic spreadsheets) your ‘jewish’ mother wasn’t a kazarian

October 21st, 2014 · No Comments

We have discussed this issue given by Silverman here already, but he is clearly stubborn on this issue. Times are changing. The argument by Jewish mothers is bullshit;
Mr. Silverman, read the post above re; Kazarians, and consider this: show me some proof that your ‘jewish’ mother is not a kazarian. Full genomic proof. You are an american fellow traveler of an Israeli system of fascist apartheid based on the definition of a ‘jewish’ mother. It becomes an issue of great importance to determine by genetic analysis who exactly is in this category ‘jewish’. It is highly probable for example that many Palestinians have more jewish genes than actual Israelis. So the definition by ‘jewish’ mothers won’t work.
The standard of definition by jewish mothers is highly toxic: I had a post here several years ago on the rejects of this definition: traveling in the hobo/freightrain world of Colorado I came across as one of a Jewish father of very high intelligence studying latin in a cave along the Rio Grande track mainline. I began to discover an embittered cripple who couldn’t even relate to his own father who couldn’t conceal his veiled rejection of his own son. I found that to be a telling example of concealed and grotesque standard of inclusion in the ‘jewish’ social set, under strong suspicion of being a ragged muddle of genes no longer corresponding to those of antiquity, with a strong suspicion that the Kazarian question is being suppressed with misleading science.

I find it beyond belief that a new atheist denouncing the evils of religion would exempt this atrocious and sadistic definitional rule for being ‘jewish’, in any case fake and fraudulent. Jewish new atheists want to denounce all religion but exempt jews. That won’t work: being ‘jewish’ is a religious category, beliefs or no beliefs.
The whole game here is starting to be a demonstration that definitional judaism is corrupted with bigotry, supremacist Nietzcheanism, stances of inequality, with a result that has produced a hidden fascism in both Israel and the US. Nor can we simply denounce Israel for a corruption of liberal politics: the confusion has spread to the US where definitional judaism is creating a religious caste where the impulse, as with the new atheists, is to destroy the religions of others but use the trick about ‘jewish’ mothers to maintain the supremacist domination of (fake in any case) ‘jewish’ culture.

Why on earth would a secularizing cult of secular humanism indulge in such dangerous apartheid nonsense? I protest the support given by the Dawkins org to this toxic nonsense.

Finally, Mr. Silverman, Marx was not jewish. He was the son of a jewish convert to christianity who detested judaism, made a point of intermarriage, and who would not have supported israeli insanity.

We have one more good reason to stay clear of new atheists: they are going to have to toe the line on jewish bigotry and gross bias against non-jewish cultures.

By Herb Silverman

Who is a Jew? While I’m often asked how I can be both a Jew and an atheist, this question hardly ever comes from Jews. According to all branches of Judaism, a person is Jewish if born to a Jewish mother. Since my mother was Jewish, so am I. End of story. But it isn’t.

Jews argue about everything, including who is a Jew. Disagreements usually develop along sectarian lines. Reform Jews are willing to accept into the tribe someone with a Jewish father and a gentile mother, but Orthodox Jews are not. Some ultra-Orthodox rabbis won’t even accept a child as Jewish when born to a devout Jewish mother from a donated gentile egg. All branches of Judaism allow for converts, but Orthodox Jews don’t recognize conversion of gentiles to Judaism unless that conversion is approved by a three-judge religious court comprised of three Orthodox men (usually rabbis), ritual immersion in a mikvah, and a commitment to perform all the Torah’s commandments according to Orthodox interpretations of Jewish law.

Gentiles are often surprised to hear that there is no religious belief requirement to be a Jew. Well-known Jews with no belief in God include intellectuals like Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, and Karl Marx, as well as comedians like Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, Jon Stewart, and Sarah Silverman (no relation, unfortunately). In fact, these Jews openly criticize or make fun of religion.

I am hard-pressed to name a pious Jew, dead or alive, who is a household name worldwide — except for Jesus.

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