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Munzerian Xtians…

October 21st, 2014 · No Comments

I can feel a strong curiosity about the idea of a Munzerian Xtianity as a foundation for a communism of the future. I think that Xtians are desperate enough to begin a way into the future, but may fail to consider some of the complications of the idea. But at this point if Xtians were the driving force of abolitionism, the putative category of a ‘communist Munzerian Protestant Xtianity’ comes into existence almost without effort. Marxists might take note: those xtians actually brought the problem to its possible completion. But the situation is tricky, and the question arises about the theology for such a church: simple: the ‘virtual church of the Holy Brick’ depicted in the Preface to Last and First Men is is the outline prior to any details. We can create a communion of those who embrace classic Xtian theology and/or a core of Xtian secularists who can adopt the rubric of IHVH to point beyond words to the source from which ‘god concepts/god talk’ emerges, dissolving into ‘kiddie ride’ Xtianity where Santa Claus, Jesus Christ and the … are too often confused. Marxist Munzerians might elect to skip theology in silence and be prepared to carry Xtian children piggyback into the world of the new communism.

I think that biblical criticism has won all the battles and lost the war. If we look at the Axial Age history of the Israelite manifestation, followed by the emergence of its embedded implications as future ‘Xtianity’, all the quibbles of skeptics get checked with a stroke, problem here, and then fall away before the larger stupendous ‘miracle’ of an operation operating over millennia to found the context of self-creation of religion by its adherents in the context of a the issues of cosmology, divinity, and universal history to serve a whole age period as a stage of religious evolution. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that a ‘higher power’ was at work. In stunned surprise all the issues of skeptics fall away: the larger movement didn’t depend on the emerging mythology of the New Testament. It was a ‘fuzzy match’ to the facts, and irrelevant to the larger dynamics.
The potential of a radical Xtianity is still too much for most frozen Xtians, but the realization that Xtianity would go down with the ship of calvinist capitalism will drive the ‘remnant’ to create an exit strategy into a new era. Hard-boiled communists should be there to meet them.

We have tried here and at The Gurdjieff Con to create ‘exit strategies’ for ‘buddhists’ (generalized to its many variants and sources), Moslems and Xtians, in the context of the ‘fourth’ category of ‘wide field’ secularists, religious or not, unified as one category of ‘paths of will’ (monotheism) and ‘paths of being’ (viz. buddhism): the clue to the hidden unity of religious/secularist, and monotheistic/atheist religions. The path of will requires being, and the path of being requires will.
As man proceeds he begins to see the keys to religion are coming into a ‘secular’ context, religious or not, viz. the mystery of the human will (and it is a tough mystery), and the mystery of his being. Invariant and present to the realist is the obvious third category, the body/organism and its functionality. The mystery of homo sapiens emerging into the realm of ‘hominid with a soul’ is this mystery of being and will. If religion falls away these remain.

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