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Something is cuckoo in the land of Old Testament Disneyland

October 21st, 2014 · No Comments


The link in the previous post gives the data on The People of the Book: Philosemitism in England, From Cromwell to Churchill.

Himmelfarb is a critic of Darwinism, and a very conservative figure not doubt connected to the Jewish Lobby (am I wrong?) and the onset of the era of the neo-cons. At this point I should note the tragic way Jews have now begun to undermine their won philosemitic support, And surely Churchill stands now as one of the pols who endorsed the now controversial status of ‘Israel’.
We have little to thank those who allowed the genie out of the bottle. We have cited/discussed two books from ‘antisemites’, the last to be able to discuss the issues distorted in the cowardice of philosemites, now lickspittles in the domination of american democracy by jews/israelis.
The second link is to a book on the Kazarian question, and contains an unsettling claim that Truman took a very large bribe (on the order of a million dollars) to grease the wheels of the birth of Israel.

Events like the recent attack on Gaza have made it impossible to be a ‘philosemite’. Anyone who doesn’t agree to this Israeli thuggery is an antisemite.

We can rest our case: something is cuckoo in the land of Old Testament Disneyland. Destroying the trust of philosemites is the end of the line.


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