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Red Fortyeight Group: epigenetics and the debriefing of social darwinist distortions of population genetics

October 23rd, 2014 · No Comments


Perhaps the greatest argument for the transition to communism, in fact the framework of Last and First Men starting with its title, is the deterioration under social darwinist ideology, and more than ideology: facts on the ground, of the general population as a whole subjected to both ideological molding and also to unknown and insidious physiological effects. In an age of epigenetics we have to wonder what a hard core subjection to processes well symbolized by the Ayn Rand demonic is having on the mental and physical state of defenseless populations.
Last and First Men is a discussion of communism, new communism, rubric-communism under definition, and also a related discussion of evolutionary theories and ideologies and a challenge to darwinism and its core social darwinist implications. The marxist left has become entangled with darwinism, and it needs to rapidly debrief the whole legacy of darwinian theory.
http://history-and-evolution.com/whee4th/chap2_2_4.htm: the way in which the idea of natural selection, absent in animal realms, becomes an object of deliberation in modern man’s cognition, and this is a fallacy. We cannot induce natural selection to induce evolution. The exact sequence involved in hominid speciation is ultra complex and most probably cannot be induced by piecemeal changes. We are in the presence of an unknown. The ‘last and first men’ need to come to an equilibrium from social darwinist deterioration and wait upon a deeper understanding toward the self-evolution of the first after the last men, or the last men after the first hominids.

Meanwhile the marxist cadre is a gang of hopeless klutz’s on evolutionary theory: a full debriefing of these darwin mugs is on the agenda asap!

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