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The First International: 150 years on

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The confusion of the current left lies in the inability to focus on a working class. The solution in general is easy: the working class for the american system is on another continent: the chinese ‘industrial colony’ fulfills the definition, but the result here is that even a working class consumer in the US is an exploiter with his iPhone, …

A solution proposed in Last and First Men is to refound the issue in a Universal Class in which the proletariat is a core representative but not the exclusive member of the revolutionary ‘public’. At this point, the champions of revolution would as well spring from a wide variety of class situations, and the Universal Class can appeal to all of these in separate but related discourses. The Universal Class is better because it does not pit the proletariat against everyone else and creates an exist strategy for persons of all classes to be ‘born again’ as members in a united endclass. Engels is a good example: he was a capitalist who made his exit to the idea at least of a Universal Class.
The old formulation made everyone with a stake in revolution but were not ‘proletarian’ outcasts of a kind in the minds of the champions of the proletariat. Such groups can have fatally compromised ideological mentalities, but it has not been really true that the proletariat would be free of ideology.
There are an awful lot of people who are somehow excluded from activism by the original focus on the proletariat. The Universal Class is the better solution, one that can re-adapt to a new proletarian focus in the creation of global transnational parties and organizations.

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