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The right’s ace in the hole…too many dead people…

October 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

keyword search leads to ‘NR’ articles, sorry, but useful fodder?


The dreary reading of the rightwing commentary on marxism is a bit stale, but the basic charge of killing too many people remains: how about some simple solutions:

communist social contracts,
communist defined rights against property rights sublimated into the Commons: habeas corpus, etc…
separation of powers: state jurisdiction/governance, economic bodies with independent powers, and powers of appeal as against…
Economies should not be controlled by government dictators but economic bodies mediated with popular consent/
Marxists have a built in ban against thinking in concrete terms, but that doesn’t work…

The transition to communism can be a strong-authority context with some robust democratic core liberties. But the problem is really in the minds of those who are conditioned to democracy as bourgeois democracy: a populist communism will come when the larger public sees communism properly defined in its self-interest.

Still a long way to go, but the first step is to cut the cord with doctrinaire marxism without getting into BS compromises: the core of marxism, its theories and dialectics apart, is the remorphable core…Aha, piecemeal communist social engineering, in honor of Karl Popper the once and future socialist…

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