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Harris strain of idiocy on Israel

October 26th, 2014 · No Comments

I think Harris has made a strategic blunder in his promo of new atheism, with a kind of chauvinism about Israel. But he doesn’t support a Jewish State. But his remarks are rubbish. He is a victim of propaganda.
His remarks don’t really work: a full secularism without religion (and secularism can also support religion) should be promoted by someone who is not sitting on a fence of judaism. To have to qualify the discussion with this kind of ‘jewish bias’ proposed as rational secular humanism simply misfires and makes the new atheism miss its target.

The state of Israel was a mistake, and Harris sanctimonious culture rant about those nice jews and genocidal arabs appears incredibly to have forgotten the genocidal ethnic cleansing of 1958.
This whole video is a mess. We have moved on here: the plight of Gaza in the most recent Israeli depradation makes Harris’ look ridiculous, if not grotesque.

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