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Israel and the ‘jewish supremacist’ question

October 29th, 2014 · No Comments

We had some posts on David Duke, and the Kazarian question.

I think that if we are given important information from David Duke we are in trouble. I now have a copy of his Jewish Supremacism, which is a flawed but otherwise devastating book. We don’t have to follow Duke’s logic to admit that the evidence he gives is important to review. Many aspects of the Jewish question elude Gentiles in a blanket tactic of neglecting the facts of the Jewish tradition, e.g. the gross aspects of the Talmudic tradition, etc…
It would be good to have this information without Duke’s frequent lapses. But the evidence he presents is so strong that antisemitic rage damps out into a kind of confident denunciation: a display of many of the facts that are suppressed, and have been for decades.
This kind of shock to Gentile efforts to muffle all antisemitism is the result, most recently, of the Gaza fiasco: Israelis aren’t the people we though they were. Here is a review of his book:

It is testimony to the brainwashed state of American Gentiles that they have to correct the imbalance of correct information from such sources.
Americans need some shock treatment here to come to their senses.

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